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Deceased Estates Software

Summary of the features

  • No retyping of information
  • Automatic generation of forms in ENG & AFR
  • Automatic generation of the L&D account & all other documents incidental to estate administration.
  • You can now export the entire L&D a/c to MS Excel and reformat it to suit your preferred style!
  • Estate Duty calculations are done automatically and the program prints the Estate Duty Return (Rev. 267) (the new 2006 release of the form) based on this calculation.
  • The program caters for both testate and intestate estates.
  • Program updates are done automatically from within the program provided you have an Internet connection.
  • Scanning of documents can be done from within the system.

We have some time ago done some market research in conjunction with users and non-users of our program. The results were that, when converting into a monetary value the time taken to administer estates by typing forms by hand, re-calling previously saved templates to overwrite information and reconciling by hand, the 3.5% executor’s fee does not even cover the time taken for the initial reporting and advertising of the estate! Especially if the total asset value of the estate is less than R250 000. The only way to run a profitable estates department is to automate the process with a proper database-driven program.

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Insolvent Estates Software

Summary of features

  • No retyping of information
  • Automatic generation of the necessary prescribed forms at a push of a button.
  • Automatic generation of the Second Meeting Report, L&D account etc.
  • Printing of the forms or e-mailing them via the Internet to clients and correspondents.
  • Progress Sheet - Each file has a progress sheet which tracks all letters/forms generated on a file as well as store all manual file notes made by users. This way an administrator will always know what is going on in a file.
  • The capturing of meeting details in order to generate all the prescribed notices and the second meeting report by the liquidator (all done automatically by the program from data entered).
  • The capturing of bonds of security information in order to extract exception reports for bonds in which renewal is due or that needs to be increased or decreased on ALL the files in the office.
  • The capturing of debtors' information should you collect debtors on a specific file. This will allow you to generate debtors' statements automatically for these files (complete with opening balance, all receipts and closing balance).
  • Cashbooks - provision for multiple cashbooks per file including an "in-house ledger" account to keep track of moneys advanced by you on files in which you have not yet received cash. This will, in turn, help you to generate an exception report indicating all the files on which the "in-house" ledger still has a balance. This will remind you to refund yourself from moneys received in the estate current account.
  • Cashbooks - Recons are done in the system and an entry that has been re-conciled cannot be changed without a supervisor password. This allows for more control over cashbooks in each file.

This is just a summary of the softwares features, to get more detailed information please dont hesitate to contact us and we will send you a full list of what the program can offer you and your business!

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Company Form Software

Summary of features


  • The product is a Windows desktop application which runs on any Windows operating system. The only hardware requirements are a PC with Windows loaded.
  • It generates all the prescribed CK and CM forms under Government Printer Authority. Government Printer paper specification are provided with the program.
  • Forms print in both English and Afrikaans.
  • The program does not use a word processor to generate forms. Thus future word processor upgrades does not necessitate upgrades or affect the performance of the program. However, the program does allow you to link your own letters/documents generated in MS Word to the system. It will then merge data from the system into the document/letter.
  • Forms print on any laser, inkjet (including deskjet) or bubblejet printer.
  • The program will allow you to build up a database of information on the Close Corporations and Companies that you administer. Information previously completed will simply be carried forward from one form to the other and no repetitive typing is required.
  • Director's details completed for one company can be copied effortlessly to another company file.
  • The Company Share Register can be kept in the program and the Share Register Folios can be printed from within the program! No official Share Register books need to be purchased any longer.
  • Share Certificates can be printed from within the program. No Share Certificates need to be purchased any longer.
  • The program is forms driven. This means that you select a form from a list of prescribed forms and the program will only present you with questions relating to that specific form. You are, thus, not required to complete an entire database just to print one form!
  • On-line help (F1) is available anywhere in the program so as to assist the user with completing the data. A users guide is also provided with the program. No formal training is required.
  • Completed forms can be printed on a local printer or e-mailed via the Internet to interested parties for signature (provided you have the necessary Internet access).
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Wills Register Software

Summary of features

  • Easy filling in of all the information pertaining to your wills without the requirement of formal training.
  • Merging of the information in the database with custom letters, that is, documents set up by yourself in MS Word 2000© or a later version.
  • Merging of the information in the database with custom wills set up by yourself in MS Word 2000© or a later version. A “starter-kit” of 6 simple wills are provided at installation.
  • The tracking of the origin of the wills you draft.

Printing of the following reports for marketing and statistics:

  • List of wills per broker
  • List of wills older than a certain time period
  • List of wills per specific asset value and above
  • List of clients with off-shore wills
  • List of wills containing an inter vivos trust
  • List of wills containing a bequest equal to the 4A rebate
  • Search per ID number, surname or date of birth
  • Search by will number
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