Our products are highly specialised business applications for Attorneys, Accountants, Liquidators and Trust Companies and are based on the laws of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Our range of products deal are powerful tools that are useful for many specific applications such as Estates Administration and Insolvency law. The platform is versitile, and caters for single users from smaller regional practices to multi-user networks required by the bigger banks and firms. This is due to its high degree of customisability and direct after-sale support by our team of specialists.

Our software is used by a variety of clients from single users to large banks and law firms. All of our products have a free trial version available for our clients to test.

We offer user personalised support and a high degree of customisability of our products for our users.

Our software range has been relied upon by thousands of users in Southern Africa since 1997.

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We are currently performing some maintenance on our website. We apologise if there are any glitches. If you encounter any errors or have issues downloading our porgrams, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance!

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We are now offering WhatsApp as a method of contacting us with queries and for support. As always, our team strives for the satisfaction of our valued clients

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"I have no hesitation whatever in recommending this program and its service provider to any person, legal or accounting practice who may have, as part of their range of expertise the provision of estate and related advice"
Cornel Esprey
LegalEase User
"I wish to thank you and your partner and staff for the excellent service which I received from you and the estates program over the years. It has been marvellous."
Geoff Hobbs
LegalEase User